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These electronic resources may be useful:

An Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in Schools and Classrooms
How do you know your professional development is effective? This site developed by the Department of Education provides tools for program evaluation.

Evaluating and Updating Technology and Planning

Introductory Statistics Textbook and Resource
HyperStat Online: An introductory statistics textbook and online resource

Research Design Methodology
Research Methods Knowledge Base

Using Test Scores to Measure Student Achievement
Interpreting Test Scores

Five Common Misuses of Test Scores

Web Publications from the Medical Field

How to read a paper: Assessing the methodological quality of published papers

How to read a paper: Statistics for the non-statistician. I: Different types of data need different statistical tests

How to read a paper: Statistics for the non-statistician. II: "Significant" relations and their pitfalls

These two excellent publications provide an extensive introduction to issues in research design and inferential statistics:

Light, R. J., Singer, J. D., & Willett, J. B. (1990) By Design: Planning Research on Higher Education. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Jaeger, R. M. (1993) Statistics: A Spectator Sport. London: Sage Publications.

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